Fun began in the ancient year of 2006 when I left university with an arts degree in Mass Communications — a useless degree in hindsight, but hindsight is never available when you need it most and so…

I started as a small-town reporter in the Philippines, chasing stories and delivering them for the evening news. It was mostly an outdoors job interviewing strange fellows and investigating stranger events but the writing and the editing also had to be done (indoors, apparently). And so it was, I would sit in my office corner making click-clack noises on a crunchy keyboard.

On one of these indoor days the station manager and the rest of my crew disappeared, leaving me to entertain advertising clients — by this I mean making tea and throwing in some stock jokes to an otherwise flat conversation. The jokes must have worked as these clients soon asked if I’d be interested in running a live events business with them.

In no time I found myself rubbing elbows with Manila’s best known bands and entertainers. It was a high-octane era and we ran well-received shows.

Alas, all great seasons come to an end.

This end brought me to a luxury resort where I worked in the art department, drawing event posters and writing ad copies, often looking for inspiration from a fat glass of piña colada by the pool, much to the displeasure of folks over at Human Resources. I trained under a creative madman in this resort, the art director who taught me not to make shit graphic design and illustration. He introduced me to a discipline that would eventually see me in London studying design.

Being in a world city was quite the experience. I fell in love with England, the people, the culture, the language. I decided to make London my home.

In 2010 I co-founded a clothing brand. The collection sold out because I was clever but the business didn’t make money because I wasn’t clever enough.

So I decided to set my creative pursuits aside to learn more about the strategic side of business, working alongside CEOs and top-level leaders of some of the UK’s coolest brands. From them I learned how to define and manage KPIs, how to measure the success of a project, why it’s important to build a relationship with competitors, how to create a friendly culture with dynamic teams, and other management skills only experience can teach.

By 2015 I was marketing executive, a short-lived role leading up to my current and favourite job — freelance writing.

As I no longer had to report to anyone, I packed my bags and left London to see the world while working on the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) road.

I help businesses fine-tune their brand messaging on their websites, social media, and other channels.

You will also see some of my articles in top-tier media like Forbes, HuffPost, Inc., Influencive, The Kathmandu Post, Medium.

 Through a decade-long journey across industries, one thing was constant in my life: STORIES.

I want you to be part of mine and I want to be part of yours.