Websites That Will Tickle Your Creativity in 2018


Culture and interest websites have gotten weirder with their journalism, often gunning for shock factor for increased readership instead of being reliable sources of fresh knowledge and rounded views. As Facebook rules the chunk of our online diet, we’re not exactly being fed healthy brain food. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In 2018, we can all opt for useful content that’s worth sharing and having perceptive conversations about.

Check out this mini library of online resource for thinkers and makers, for guilt-free, productive browsing.


Positive News

The magazine intends to restore faith in humanity and move its readers’ thoughts and actions. Constructive journalism, crisp imagery, and a smooth user interface makes for easy reading.

Scene 360

Alternative tastes and scenes “giving a refined and innovative take on the world’s most unusual and striking artistic creations”.

Scene360 features artist Jess de Wahls’ “Big Swinging Ovaries”


Frankie is a gem that stands out in glossy magazine racks. And their website doesn’t disappoint either — it’s visually tantalising and it’s filled with decent articles for every creative pursuit.


Works of art for sale from artists all over the world. Choose from a menu of era or genre, and get access to art fairs and auctions.

Creative Boom

Here’s a quirky goldmine of knowledge — a history of random objects and trends, artist interviews, Pantone colour of the year, brilliant product designs, and so on.

Dose of Design

You know how sometimes, in understated artsy cities (like Budapest) you find ramshackle art studios hidden in beautifully painted streets? This website feels like that: basic, unpretentious, familiarly attractive.


A bank of patterns, to put simply. Vibrant and diverse inspiration resource for textile designers, illustrators, and all types of visual artists.

Colour Claim

Colour Claim is, in two words, colour matching. There’s over a hundred displays of two complementary tints and shades that are Photoshop and Illustrator-friendly.

See also Design Seeds blog.

Visual News

They sum their content up as “Inspiration and education for data storytellers”. It’s for content marketers, UI/UX creatives, illustrators, and copywriters.


Design and Art Direction continues to champion new talent and fresh trends. They have an extensive archive of international eye candy that will surely tickle the imagination of the most creatively-blocked creative.


The Dirtbag Diaries

There are people who love the great outdoors. These are their stories; poignant and humorous campfire tales from wild places.

Mt Mograph

Easy-to-follow video tips and tricks for aspiring, amateur, and professional motion graphic artists.

Monocle 24

International trends magazine Monocle loves old school media. They’re not on social media but they do have a radio! Monocle 24 broadcasts business headlines and world news live every hour.


The Museum of Broken Relationships

What is it?
People send in artefacts from their former lovers to the museum, which has two outposts: one in Europe (Zagreb) and another in the US (Los Angeles).

Post Secret

What is it?
A collection of deep, sometimes dark, and often funny secrets from strangers all over the world.

The Sketchbook Project

What is it?
The Sketchbook Projects requests contributions from professional and non-professional illustrators by offering everyone to order a sketchbook then sending the book back over to the project once the pages are filled in. Sketchbook contributions are stored in a library in Brooklyn, New York.

Sketchbook by Kelley Meyer, 52 pages. She named her book sketchbook “Transformed by Love”


Amber Locke :: Visual Artist

Also known as Raw Vegan Blonde. She does something really cool and different — that is, creating kaleidoscopic patterns with…you guessed it.

Bombino :: Musician

Nomad with an interesting journey. Bombino’s life story translates to his hypnotic music.

Alicia Vera :: Photographer

Great stories are rarely told well and Alicia tells poignant narratives through her photography. Her photojournal on Eden is incredibly touching.

Rit Kit :: Tattoo Artist

Deliciously stunning and realistic botanical tattoos. Rita aptly calls her works “live leaf”.

Lauren Singer :: Eco Warrior

This home we call Earth doesn’t get enough love. Lauren shows us how to live a “zero waste” lifestyle — she does a thankless job that’s often snubbed and rarely taken seriously.

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