How to Create Desire for Your Online Product and Service — Case Study

Biltong — South Africa’s answer to North America’s beef jerky — is a little known delicacy.

In 2018, my partners at Tiger Digital signed a website redesign project for The Biltong Factory, an award-winning food brand.

Leading the content for the project, I thought, Hey, there are heaps of munchies out there. How do we make biltong a star? How do we compete in a saturated gourmet food market?

Before we took the project The Biltong Factory was turning over £80K net revenue per year, from one-off orders.

From 01 February 2019 (new website launch) to 31 March 2020 the business saw an additional 40% increase on their net revenue from the year before.

They now also have an impressive conversion rate of 10.57% — higher than the ecommerce industry average of 2.63% (January 2020), and retained 96.5% of their monthly subscription renewals, which amounts to £4,229 in transactions.

Note. We have seen an increase on the client’s March 2020 sales, which we are currently calling the ‘Covid Curve’. It will be interesting to see peaks and troughs across industries and sectors following the global pandemic.

What did we do to leverage the financial success that the client already had?

Buckle in for a short ride, homies. I’m about to tell you some yummy writing secrets.

* To learn about the technical development of this project, go here.

Above is the home landing page, our final output for the project.

☝🏽 Failing to capture audience interest on the home page can be detrimental to the profitability of a website.

The home page is not a dumping ground for all business information. Rather, it’s a creative space to emphasise your best offers.

Let’s have a peep at the key words and the subliminal messages behind them.

+ snack
It’s not heavy food guys, try it!

+ better
Not your typical factory-made snack.

+ for healthy and adventurous snackers
👉🏽  Want to be healthy *and* adventurous?

+ prepared fresh weekly
We care about food quality.

+ change, pause, cancel anytime
No worries if you change your mind about your order.

+ browse the range
Hey, we’re giving you options!

The client wanted to introduce an automated subscription system where customers can receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly packs of their favourite biltong.

Our brief was to give customers the option to choose flavour, texture, cut, as well as the frequency of delivery.


“That’s right. We’ll make your biltong just the way you like it.”

We added two ‘action’ buttons: Learn More, and Shop Now. Both pages describe the one-time ordering process and the subscription process.


Giving customers vivid and honest descriptions of your offer can encourage them to commit to the purchase.

We described the peri-peri flavour option as ‘Zesty with a bit of kick. Seriously addictive.’

Now, describing one flavour as ‘seriously addictive’ can potentially alienate other options, so every flavour must have it’s own hook.

For instance, the original flavour is described as: ‘Truly authentic flavoured biltong.’

Anyone who hasn’t tried biltong before might be inclined to find out what a traditional biltong tastes like. 

As for the BBQ flavour, customers can ‘Expect smokiness, a bit of zing, and a lot of satisfaction.’


Shortly after the new Biltong Factory website was launched, compliments from customers who are loving the flavourful snacks and the ease of ordering on the website have started coming in.

In retail as in any sector, it’s important to highlight product or service uniqueness. Show and tell the audience why your offer is different; why it’s worth “experiencing”.

Good content is understanding the audience you’re writing for, and understanding what makes them excited.

Because we were tasked with creating a website for biltong lovers, the content had to reflect that.

By placing emphasis on flavours and giving customers the chance to ‘play’ and interact with the ordering system, we were able to give The Biltong Factory an edge over their competition.

* * *

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